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A Little Bag of Sunshine is a creative outlet designed to inspire and empower you to live the healthiest best life possible. My name is Caryn am a qualified Nutritionist with a Adv. Dip in Nutritional Medicine, I have also trained in Gourmet Raw Food preparation, am certified in Reiki 1 and am currently in Yoga Teacher training. Here I share my passion and enthusiasm for whole, plant-based and raw foods as well as health, yoga, healing, nutrition and spiritual advice. All the recipes I share are my own and are free of meat, wheat, refined sugar, gluten and dairy but are bursting with life and flavor.

My Journey

I live in sunny Perth, Western Australia where I grew up in a house where we always ate real food; my darling Mum would lovingly prepare all our meals despite having four children and a husband to tend to she still found the time to make real food for us and cared about nutrition. My Mum has the highest values on natural health, getting take away and having a soft drink or potato chips was the hugest treat (well we thought it was then, it’s not my kind of treat now).

From my childhood I also have beautiful fond memories of foraging in my grandparent’s garden for fruits and vegetables, picking herbs and flowers and helping nanna in the kitchen (her specialty was lemon butter, my grandpas’ was pea and ham soup and he loved pickling onions). I feel my brightest,  happiest and most connect to source when I am amongst nature especially in gardens overflowing with health and goodness, and lots of life. Family gatherings mean everything to me, nowadays we all bring a meal and have more pot luck style gatherings which I love to bring new healthy foods to – whether I’m on sweet or savoury duty.

But despite this early introduction to real foods, I was like the majority of young women and never being happy with my weight, pretty much tried every diet known to man, some successful and some not, I was scared of fat (even good fats) and avoided it at all costs and I was scared of sugar to the point where I used a sweetener like equal (eeeeeeekkkkkkk I know), if I only I knew then what I know now. This constant roller coaster of dieting left my head in a spin and I never really felt good…. even if I managed to lose weight for a while.

This lead me to start looking for more natural foods and ways of eating, I already cared about the environment, planet and animals, I decided to stop eating meat after getting so frustrated about the misconceptions we are told about where our meat comes from, how the animals are treated, what they are fed and how they are killed, so I found it easier to eliminate it instead. I haven’t eaten meat now for 8 years and this is definitely something that felt good to me and agreed with my body and was an easy transition. Eliminating meat allowed me to start getting more creative in the kitchen and I think that’s when my journey into real health and nutrition really started.

I now eat a mainly organic plant based diet, avoiding processed foods, dairy, processed sugar, GMO foods, soy, wheat and gluten, I eat 80% raw foods and love preparing gourmet raw dishes and desserts and I enjoy some cooked wholefoods as well.

I hope my journey inspires others to reconnect with old traditions and real food and to get excited about life and live the best most amazing life possible!

Shine Bright x


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